Technical Consulting
driven by excellence and vibrant solutions

V3CTRA Technical Consulting is a recognised as leading independent provider of risk-based specialist technical safety and risk management consultancy services to all highly regulated industries and associated market sectors including chemicals, process, oil & gas and energy industries.

V3CTRA Technical Consulting is driven by excellence and vibrant solutions. We are recognised for being committed to deliver within the constraints of budget, time and quality requirements and in compliance with applicable codes, standards and regulations. 


V3CTRA Technical Consulting services are centred around ISO 31000 Risk Management:

  • Establishing the context, including:

    • actual design, condition & operating parameters;

    • project specific requirements;

    • company specific guidelines, goals and principles for risk- and barrier management;

  • Hazard Identification to identify sources of risk, areas of events and impact (including HAZID and HAZOP);

  • Identify necessary barrier functions and elements and their principle performance and survivability requirements (e.g. SIL, LOPA and Performance Standard development);

  • Perform Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) and Technical Safety Studies to understand the contributors to the risk levels;

  • Risk Evaluation including:

    • Sensitivity cases and identification of uncertainties to understand the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of the individual analysis;

    • Input to risk management decision process;

  • Risk Treatment/Management
    involves providing one or

    more solutions for controlling risks.