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V3CTRA Technical Consulting provide a fully integrated support, assistance and solutions that enable you to manage your risks associated with Major Accidental Events in an appropriate and systematic manner. We use our years of in-depth experience in engineering, operations and consultancy in the upstream and downstream oil & gas as well a other process industries to ensure that your approach to risk management is systematic, appropriate and integrated fully with other business processes to enable you to demonstrate objectively that risks are ALARP.

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Technical Safety & Risk Management Services



  • BowTie XP
  • Safety/Risk Management
  • Process Safety
  • HAZOP Facilitation & Leading
  • SIL Assessment /Verification

Process Safety Studies

  • HAZID/HAZOP Facilitation/Workshop (as per IEC 61882)
  • SIL/LOPA Facilitation/Workshop (as per IEC 61508/511)
  • SIL Verification (as per IEC 61508/511)
  • Process Hazard Analysis Facilitation/Workshop
  • Process Safety Design Review

Technical Safety Studies

  • Riser/Process Leak Modelling
  • Fire Hazard Assessment
  • Explosion Risk Assessment
  • Fire & Gas Detector Mapping
  • Building Risk Assessment (Sitting study for occupied buildings)
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)
  • Escape, Evacuation, TR Impairment and Rescue Analysis
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Ship Collision Study
  • Dropped Objects Study
  • Design Accidental Load (DAL) Spec.


Risk Management

  • Bow Ties Development 
  • Safety Management System Development
  • Safety Report/Safety Case
  • Performance Standards Development
  • Hazards Register Development


  • Design Notification
  • (Design) Safety Case Preparation
  • Verification Scheme Development
  • Implementation of ISO 31000
  • 3rd party Verification

Process Safety Engineering

  • Hazardous Area Zone
  • Flare & Vent systems relief modelling
  • Consequence Modelling
  • (Flue) Gas Dispersion and
  • Explosion Modelling
  • Vessfire modelling
  • PFP Optimization studies
  • Fire water demand calculations
  • Reliability & Availability Modelling
  • Provision of (project) Safety Engineers or Safety Consultants

V3CTRA Technical Consulting is a partner of CGE Risk Management Solutions. 

CGE Risk Management Solutions 

CGE Risk Management Solutions develops and distributes barrier-based risk management, incident analysis, risk & compliance and operational safety software solutions and services. V3CTRA Technical Consulting recommends the use of the BowTieXP to create bowtie diagrams which visualizes the risk you are dealing with in one understandable picture, AuditXP to audit the quality and effectiveness of the barriers and IncidentXP to use the most popular and globally used incident analysis methods. Because AuditXP and IncidentXP use the same software framework as BowTieXP, it is possible to link auditing and incident analysis results back to the proactive risk assessment diagram.